Teena Marie: Beautiful Discography
Release Date: May 9, 2006
Label: UMG Recordings
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  1. God Has Created [Album Version]
  2. Cruise Control [Album Version]
  3. Baby Who's Is It [Album Version]
  4. Make It Hot [Album Version]
  5. Ooh Wee [LP Version]
  6. Sleeping With The Enemy [Album Version]
  7. A.P.B. [Album Version]
  8. Love Is A Gangsta [Album Version]
  9. Ladies Choice [Album Version]
  10. Somebody Just Like You [Album]
  11. You Blow Me Away [Album]
  12. Simmer Down [Album Version]
  13. Romantica [Album Version]
  14. The Way You Love Me [Album Version]
  15. Ecstasy [Album Version]
  16. Resilient (Sapphire) [Album Version]